Recreating BunkerLove Festival 2013 – videos

BunkerLove created an incredible body of material this summer. We have a lot of beautifully edited videos and a whole lot more unedited material. We want to save the best bits of the visualizations and will work on making the material available to you.

BunkerLove 2013 YouTube channel – which Sandro Masai is using to gather material for the Atlantic BunkerLove Wall which will be channeled via the Junaio app and other media. More video, edited and unedited, will follow.

BunkerLove Vimeo. With the exception of our film artwork(s), you can download the videos and detach the soundtracks for creative use.

Inge Tranter’s videos from BunkerLove are on her BunkerLove playlist

Music: Drømme af sten is here for download in high res, and you may use it with link to Natmandskomplottet.

Please credit and link to photographers etc. when you use any material. And please link to BunkerLove when applicable.  

Our favorite so far is this ode to Erik Peitersen’s Floating Bunker by Michael Nørlev,

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