Time is ripe

The time is right to take a new look at the Bunkers, says Christian Skou, the director of Ringkøbing-Skjern museum in Western Jutland, quoted in Politiken today (En af Hitlers soldater sælger danske billetter/ One of Hitler’s soldiers is selling Danish tickets).

Skou believes that the reconciliation process after the Second World War has come so far that it is time to hear the story of what the article calls ‘hated’ bunkers from new angles, and so his museum made an exhibition around the effects and memories of an 85-year old, German war veteran, who rediscovers his reconstructed bunker.

The museum that averages 3-4000 visitors a year, was gobsmacked when the exhibition deluged 1500 guests during the first 10 opening days.

Bunkerlove applauds the initiative, and applauds Gerhard Saalfeld for sharing his story of trauma and healing. And trust us, we shall do our best to add to the angles.

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