‘Thou shall not like thy own facebook status’

modvind-medvindMy favorite Bunkerlove press clipping is a small piece from a local newspaper that reads:

Art project in head winds
NORTHERN JUTLAND: Art openings are usually a peaceful affair. But when the art is right next to the North Sea and a fierce western wind is throwing sand around, the experience can be very different. It certainly wasn’t easy to attend the opening of art project BunkerLove, Sunday on the beach by Løkken. Both wind and water did theirs to limit the participants to the particularly dedicated and stubborn. For months a group of artists worked hard to create art here on Furreby beach: for example Gold Tooth, the gilded bunker by Erik Peitersen.

The image caption repeats that wind and water ‘teased’ us, which I find extra amusing, because we do feel the rage of the elements. I like that it compliments those who made it there, so do we! And although Inge and Meile took care of their own bunkers, and for Erik merely assisted for about a week, I think it’s very pleasant to think of ourselves as a group of artists.

We would like the actual artists to be the spokespeople for BunkerLove. Members of every kind most welcome too, but the participating artists in particular (no pressure of course). We strongly feel that the emotional response invoked by these buildings of craziness must be used for something immensely creative and purposeful. Seeing them in transformed ways work with no words. Not a lot of things do.

The head winds were true for the pilot project, the head winds are still very true. We want to use this wind and that teasing sea exactly. For renewable energy. For continuous self-leadership. For great art and experiences. To remind us.

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