The Line – The Light

Elle-Mie Ejdrup Hansen in 95 exhibited The Line – The Light, a peace sculpture in the shape of an unbroken laser beam reaching from Sild in Germany to Skagen on the tip of Denmark. It was 5 years in the making, 2 hours in complete exhibition, and accompanied by loads of spectacle in the shape of musical compositions and art exhibitions with a great variety of international contributions, all nicely documented on Vimeo.

The landowners of Furreby would probably enthuse something like the untitled Dutch contribution from Giezen aiming at using the bunkers to defend the receeding shoreline. I also have a thing for the German Ape and the English Bunker Mules

Back in the day, The Line caused some controversy, which meant loads of publicity… The men of resistance didn’t like it, and the news papers didn’t like it, it was simply too strange at the time. Too expensive. Too Big. Can’t steal such an important date… Alas, Ejdrup cleverly incorporated the public debate into her Bunker piece.… and the project was said to bring half a million people to the west coast of Jutland on May 4, 1995. Bravo!

I wonder if The Line inspired the Imagine Peace Tower by Yoko Ono from 2006, which is a laser with a 4 km reach upwards into the sky of a clear night in Reykjavik, where I currently reside. Peace lasers are unpredictable… I vaguely remember the not evenly visible laser line as a point of critique of Ejdrup Hansen’s project too. Maybe the green beam still exists and is up for grabs… though it looks as if Elle-Mie Ejdrup Hansen is keeping it busy

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  1. Shortly after this blog post I did contact Elle Mie Ejdrup Hansen as a courtesy to her great project and hard work, and to hear how the laser beam is doing. She kindly responded that it’s in great use for her various projects but that she herself had her time with bunkers. Should she ever feel inclined she would of course be most welcome.

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