The bear is sleeping II

From with kind permission we bring you Louise Juhl‘s Danish reading and an English translation of her poem ‘Bjørnen sover II‘ (small differences between written and read versions):

The bear is sleeping II
I am not dangerous, I am so easy, I am the shy eyes, I am the tilted head, I am Miscellaneous on the agenda that you never reach, I am the one who can wait, I am brushed steel, I always have room for one more, I don’t mind repeating, I don’t mind repeating, I don’t mind repeating – patiently, I am in favor of you, I am more in favor of you than of me, I am nice to animals, I am nice to people, I please the Lord, I have principles but none that can’t be broken, I am the face of compromise, I am the liberating laughter, the oil on the water, spawning, sleek, bountiful, I am the word of redemption, I am an individual for the common good, I am a lucky bag, a bonus package, an offer you can’t refuse, I am not dangerous, I am easy and give way to your glance, tilted head, I am more everything than I am nothing, I am organic and fair trade, I am exactly what you would have dreamed of, but didn’t dream, I am blissful like now a frosty Sunday morning is dark.

For more Louise Juhl, visit, Louise at or listen to her sounds at SoundCloud (including ‘Bjørnen sover V‘).
‘Bjørnen sover’ is also the title of a widely known Norwegian children’s song and game.


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