The Past

Lars Ditlev Johansen in performance in relation to Erik Peitersens floating bunker, Furreby. Photo by Chris Brock

Participating video artists Miko Lewandowski with help from Trevor Jensen are creating the festival documentation for 2014, which can be experienced on Vimeo.

From ‘Together in small spaces‘ in the Dome of Visions in Copenhagen, experience

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Chris Brock‘s photo report on Facebook

Transcendens Dilettante, Furreby. Photo by Chris Brock

A deepfelt thank you very much to all artists and participants and helpers in every shape and form! Thanks for the beautiful works and original performances and for sharing yourselves with the bunkers in this truly unique way.

The Annual General Assembly for BunkerLove 2015 will be at Platform4 in Karolinelund, Aalborg on Saturday, February 21. We will be back with time and agenda. Your thoughts and words are welcome

Happy New Year


Andrew Zealey working on ‘highlights/ life’s a beach’, Furreby. Photo by Chris Brock

Gold Tooth on Vimeo

The making and presentation of gilded WWII bunker Gold Tooth (Guldtand) by Erik Peitersen at BunkerLove’s pilot project festival in Furreby by the Danish West coast, July 2012.
Thank you Sadolin!
Material Sponsor: Sadolin – Let’s Colour
Co-painters: Lars Ditlev Johansen, Kaare Bjørn Vad, Marie Bjerg, Christina Roholm Bruun, Janne Fonda, Nikkie Breinholt Dahm, Nanna Thorhauge

Photos: Janne Fonda Graphics: Viola Heyn-Johnsen Production by me and set without rights to Savoy Truffle by the Beatles (wouldn’t mind a tailor-made, legal composition, if you have one, please!).