Recreating BunkerLove Festival 2013 – videos

BunkerLove created an incredible body of material this summer. We have a lot of beautifully edited videos and a whole lot more unedited material. We want to save the best bits of the visualizations and will work on making the material available to you.

BunkerLove 2013 YouTube channel – which Sandro Masai is using to gather material for the Atlantic BunkerLove Wall which will be channeled via the Junaio app and other media. More video, edited and unedited, will follow.

BunkerLove Vimeo. With the exception of our film artwork(s), you can download the videos and detach the soundtracks for creative use.

Inge Tranter’s videos from BunkerLove are on her BunkerLove playlist

Music: Drømme af sten is here for download in high res, and you may use it with link to Natmandskomplottet.

Please credit and link to photographers etc. when you use any material. And please link to BunkerLove when applicable.  

Our favorite so far is this ode to Erik Peitersen’s Floating Bunker by Michael Nørlev,

Closer to the sun

Artist Christian Skjødt has documented his solar powered audio installation at People’s BunkerLove Festival in Furreby by now including a short video. It gives a rich idea of the experience of Inversion and of the sound of the sun inside a most fortunate bunker. Thank you Christian.

Christian Skjødt by his work Inversion, a solar powered sound installation translating sun beams into audio. Portrayed by Chris Brock

Christian Skjødt by his work Inversion, a solar powered sound installation translating sun beams into audio. Portrayed by Chris Brock

We’ll meet again

Michael Nørlev – – captured a great festival view of Erik Peitersen’s Floating Bunker with lovely people and Elin Strand Ruin & Spridd’s Heart of Darkness in the foreground. People’s BunkerLove, July 21st.

A Walk in the Dark – Warm-up # 6

Lars Olsen from Åsen Teater acting as the character ‘Ace’ Shaw in an interpretation of Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters. This 1 minute soul essence continues our series of warm-up sequences for A Walk in the Dark – a bunker drama by Lars Ditlev Johansen to be performed at 3 different venues in North Denmark in July, for BunkerLove 2013. At our alternative May 1 celebration, Lars tested the bunker facilities for dramatic purposes and we found it to work very well.

A Walk in the Dark – Warm-up # 3

See Johanna Jakobsdottir as ‘Eugenia Todd’ in an interpretation of Spoon River Anthology for bunker landscapes by and warming up for Lars Ditlev Johansen for BunkerLove 2013.

I had the pleasure of assisting Lars by filming Johanna in a very funky little WWII watchpoint bunker in Seltjarnarnes at the edge of Reykjavik, the world’s smallest metropole. I am very grateful for this ‘souvenir’ and bunker bond to Iceland, thank you for this grace, Johanna. And Lars of course.

Read more about A Walk in the Dark and how to get involved.