Let the Art speak

We’ve distributed a press release (in Danish only,’The gun is loaded with seawater’) about BunkerLove’s alternative May 1 celebration taking place in connection to the festive ‘dismantling’ of our precious Gold Tooth. At this occasion it will be possible for press and public to speak to some of the artists who will participate in the summer’s festivals:

  • Inge Tranter – multimedia artist and project manager for Alert BunkerLove in Hirthshals on July 7. She contributed to BunkerLove 2012 with Slow-Wave Sleep in collaboration with Meile Sposmanyte, and is a member of the board. (+45) 4215 2670 / inge@bunkerlove.com
  • Erik Peitersen – creator of Gold Tooth and this year participating with a bunker installation at People’s BunkerLove, envisioned in Furreby on July 21. Contact nanna@bunkerlove.com for appointment with Erik.
  • Sandro Masai – performer and dancer participating in Alert BunkerLove in collaboration with Inge Tranter. Sandro’s role is also to lead the documentation of the BunkerLove festivals with Augmented Reality (See Sandro’s PechaKucha presentation). sandro@bunkerlove.com
  • Lars Ditlev Johansen – maker of A Walk in the Dark – a bunker drama envisioned in different versions for all 3 BunkerLove Festivals. Lars was a speaker and painter for BunkerLove 2012 and is a member of the board. See his PechaKucha presentation about the bunker drama. (+45) 2536 2655 / lars@bunkerlove.com
  • Very likely there will be more artists represented.

Event with program on our Facebook Wall. We look forward to seeing new and recognisable faces. The weather forecast so far looks good, full sun and little wind.

Rain Rules – Our festival will be dry

When BunkerLove opens at 16 tomorrow, it will be with a freshly painted Gold Tooth by Erik Peitersen. The rain demonstrated its powers this week where Erik and a team of volunteer assistants witnessed how the shine of gold paint can be messed with by a couple of heavy showers. As opposed to the past week, tomorrow should be dry, sunny and windy, and so that’s when we paint. Just in time for the gold to harden, so the gilded bunker can be used as BunkerLovers see fit. Thank you again to Sadolin, for being a great material sponsor.

Gold Tooth by Erik Peitersen - the process

Gold Tooth in the making and rain