Shaping the Land

BunkerLove and Platform 4 will be participating in the LandShape Festival in Hanstholm from 4 – 6 June, 2015

Bunkerlove is a series of festivals taking place in the bunkers along the Atlantic Wall. Our first festival, which took place in 2012, was in the bunkers on the beach in Furreby near Løkken in North Denmark and included a gilded bunker by Erik Peitersen. In 2013, Bunkerlove won the North Denmark Region’s Kulturpunkt award, and held festivals in Furreby, Grønhøj and Hirtshals. In 2014, Hirtshals and Furreby became established venues for the festival and we held additional events at a series of venues around the country:  Dome of Visions in Copenhagen, Hanstholm Bunker Museum, as well as a touring exhibition of the photographic series “Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark” by British photographer Chris Brock.

Bunkerlove will be providing a series of works for the Landshape festival from pre-existing and new works created for the festivals. Bunkerlove will be in a teepee kindly loaned to us by VestEvent/ Safe In Water. All the works will be presented in collaboration with Platform 4.

anja-bunkerlove2014 Mads Mouritz - BunkerLove 2014, foto af Chris Brock firebreak


  • Anja Korsgaard – Ondskyld/ Be yond guilt
  • Meile Sposmanyte – 111 Buddhaer –  audio installation in a  bunker
  • Sandro Masai – My Body your room – interactive installation & dance, Thursday at 14.30
  • Meetup Friday at noon by the teepee in the camping area
  • Mads Mouritz – concert with Platform 4 visuals – friday at 21 by Fyrgården
  • Inge Tranter – Backfire – The Firebreak, performance, saturday at 21.30 by the light house
  • BunkerLove Film & Images – There will be images by Chris Brock and films from the festivals.
ChrisBrockPhotography_1304-Meile1400px ChrisBrockPhotography_5440-Sandro1000 bunkerlove2015-bw-fb

Films with music by The Liberty Balance and the song Calling on rebels from the BunkerLove festival in 2014 in Hirtshals and Furreby, filmed and edited by Mikolaj Lewandowski and Trevor Jensen. Also showing individual films with works/performances by Anja Korsgaard, Dominik Blasko, Sigrid Ørntoft Norheim and Sandro Masai.

We will also be showing a series of photographs from the BunkerLove festival in 2013, as well as two short films by Marcelo Felix: ein stern & a mare. A series of monologues from the theatre piece A Walk in The Dark by Lars Ditlev Johansen, based on the Spoon River anthology, will also be shown.

A short film of the festival in 2012 with a more in-depth film about Guldtand by Erik Peitersen and Slow-Wave Sleep by Inge Tranter and Meile Sposmanyte.

The films can also be viewed here:

More about Landshape

Backfire – The Firebreak

A performance by Inge Tranter

in collaboration with BunkerLove

For the Landshape Festival in Hanstholm – June 6 at 21.30 by the Light house



This work examines the crucial role of fire in nature, touching on broader themes of destruction and regeneration. It is a test piece for a larger work intended for the BunkerLove Festival in 2016.

Forest fires are uncontrolled fires in forests. In Denmark, these are often in fir tree or heath plantations close to dunes and are often the result of carelessness with fire combined with dry conditions. Forest areas that are particularly vulnerable to this kind of fire often have a series of firebreaks / fire lines and observation towers to prevent forest fires.

Preventing forest fires is often achieved by attempting first and foremost to prevent the uncontrolled spread of flames by establishing vegetation-free lines in front of the fire (in the direction of the wind). This is done by chopping down or controlled burning of the forest ahead of the oncoming fire.

In some forest types, forest fires are a natural part of the dynamic of the ecosystem, often caused by lightning strikes or in periods of extreme drought and heat. Vegetation is partly or wholly destroyed to allow the regeneration of new vegetation. The frequency of these fires can vary from between 80 – 120 years and in the case of eucalyptus forests, can occur as frequently as every 10 years.

Fires can trigger seed germination and the growth of seedlings, and in some systems, with ”fire dependent” species of trees, fire may actually be a prerequisite for the germination of seedlings. Fire causes many changes in the environment that improve site quality; removal of vegetation (creating gaps), increased heat at ground level, and a reduction in competition for water.

Source: J.E. Keeley and C.J. Fotheringham

The Holocaust Cloak

A holocaust* cloak is another name for a cloak of flames. The term originates from William Goldman’s book and film The Princess Bride.

The work

My work for Landshape will consist of a performance at dusk where I will create a firebreak using a holocaust cloak created with materials sourced from the forest floor in our local pine tree plantation in Tversted (pine cones, twigs, grass, etc.). The performance will take place on an open piece of land covered with bark chippings. At the one end of the field will be a fire dug into a pit, which will be the source of the fire. I will be dressed in the cloak and will take a walk across the pit, allowing the end of the cloak to catch fire, which will spread slowly upwards and outwards onto the bark chipping surface, creating a line of fire, which will function as a firebreak. The work explores themes of destruction and regeneration, fragility and resilience.


* “The Holocaust (from the Greek ὁλόκαυστος holókaustos: hólos, “whole” and kaustós, “burnt”). The word “holocaust” just means “a burnt offering [to God] in which the entire creature is offered and burnt completely.” This is as opposed to offerings in which the inedible parts were offered and the edible parts were kept and eaten by people. Elie Wiesel referred to the killings of six million European Jews (⅔ of Jews residing in Europe were killed by the Nazis) as “the holocaust,” and the term stuck. But its original meaning continues to exist.” (Wikipedia)

BunkerLove in Hanstholm



Tuesday 24 June there will be a BunkerLove opening at the Museum Center Hanstholm where ten of Chris Brock’s portraits from BunkerLove 2013 will be on show until 31 July.

At the opening, which starts 24 June at 16.00, there will be free entry to the museum and we will continue to work on Inge Tranter’s military boot installation, “Walk the Mile”, which will be a part of the ongoing festival series in Hirtshals 6 July and Furreby 13 July. We will also be showing “Ein Stern” and “A Mare” by Marcelo Felix in the cinema of the museum, and dramatist Marie Vibe will hold a bonfire speech without a bonfire, to celebrate Midsummer Nights Eve.

Place and time: Museum center Hanstholm from 24 June – 31 July
Vernissage: 24 June at 16.00
Directions to the museum.