Danish band Nephew made an ode to the North Sea named Hjertestarter (Vææææsterhav, kom nu og blæs mig i gang) and recorded their music video right where the BunkerLove festival was held (their mike). The song is about being deaf, dumb and blind and in need of the stormy ocean to get blown away. Tear down the old and useless to make room for more salt, more malt, more zest to the whole thing.

“Do you know a cure for me?”

“Why yes,” he said, “I know a cure for everything. Salt water.”

“Salt water?” I asked him.

“Yes,” he said, “in one way or the other. Sweat, or tears, or the salt sea.”

/Karen Blixen, Seven Gothic Tales

The BunkerLove speech by Lars Ditlev Johansen

Playwright and actor Lars Ditlev Johansen’s exquisite BunkerLove speech in Danish. Thank you for caring and sharing, Lars!

The bunkers are nothing in themselves. We approach them with humble steps and reverence. Afraid to wake the monster, because what if we woke up the little man with the weird moustache and the uncontrollable urge to raise his right hand and name himself “der Führer”. The demons are there in our own lives, perhaps in other forms and they grow meaner from being ignored. Let spirituality move us into our collective darkness to pull out the monsters and smother them with love and light.

2 down, 13998 to go?

festival picturesWe did it while The Sea demonstrated its enormous powers in a crazy strong breeze. We’re at it! And happy to have drawn some attention to what we feel is great art: Gold Tooth by Erik Peitersen, in a beautiful collaboration with volunteers and Nature, and Slow-wave Sleep by Inge Tranter and Meile Sposmanyte. Lars Ditlev Johansen, Klondyke and DJ Siri did wonders and rocked our world in the sand storm and we’re immensely grateful for the love and stamina demonstrated. So many people to thank

First portion of photos from BunkerLove festival 2012 – more soon.

Rain Rules – Our festival will be dry

When BunkerLove opens at 16 tomorrow, it will be with a freshly painted Gold Tooth by Erik Peitersen. The rain demonstrated its powers this week where Erik and a team of volunteer assistants witnessed how the shine of gold paint can be messed with by a couple of heavy showers. As opposed to the past week, tomorrow should be dry, sunny and windy, and so that’s when we paint. Just in time for the gold to harden, so the gilded bunker can be used as BunkerLovers see fit. Thank you again to Sadolin, for being a great material sponsor.

Gold Tooth by Erik Peitersen - the process

Gold Tooth in the making and rain


Gold Tooth to be – Primer first

Transforming a bunker really isn’t all that difficult… at least not with Erik Peitersen in charge… oh… and with a little lot of help from our friends. Here’s stage 1 (yesterday) where a small team of volunteers assist Erik in painting Gold Tooth-to be with primer. Materials are generously sponsored by Sadolin.

Primer on Gold Tooth

Peitersen testing testingPhotos: Janne Fonda

Gold Tooth – Erik Peitersen for BunkerLove

Erik Peitersen on the Gold Tooth to be

We are thrilled and excited to announce that Erik Peitersen will contribute to BunkerLove with a spectacular Gold Tooth. We are completely confident to promise a small miracle in the shape of a gilded bunker in between the rotten teeth of our joint history. In gums of sand it will rise as a subtle comment to the unconsciousness with which we accept symbols of war and irrational stupidity. Erik introduces a new way of landscape painting that changes expression as often as the light, the dark, the tide and the people surrounding it.

Peitersen brings to BunkerLove his wish to portray the constant change, beauty and brutality, the deconstructive powers’ symbiotic balance with the accidental sublimation and transformation. An attempt to capture the merging of before, now and after in one go.

Materials for Gold Tooth is generously sponsored by Sadolin (Let’s Colour), and Erik will introduce it his very own way at Bunkerlove’s first festival, this Sunday July 15. Thank you Sadolin, and THANK YOU Erik – your work is a dream come true for BunkerLove!