For what?

Goldtooth vandalisedSomeone signing as NTD.C felt the need to spray a couple of comments and questions on Gold Tooth itself:

“For what?”

“Paint waste”

“Paint waste reason?”

Right question, wrong bunker? The vandal noted a couple of reasons on nearby bunkers, so we interpret the questions as rhetorical ones… We also realize that besides a large red/pink tag, we painted over another tag by… NTD.C… We hope this makes us even?

Or could this be… a bunker battle?

Psyche sponsors

Bunker remains by Janne Fonda, Fonda Foto

Photo: Janne Fonda

It is easy to get visions, it’s easy to get ideas, it’s easy to imagine great things and manifestations, it’s easy to dream… for example about how to transform bunkers in exciting ways. Making things real, tearing down one’s own blocks and doubts and actually DO IT, is usually a little more demanding.

A large part of the BunkerLove festival details were carried out in close proximity to the actual event. We were so fortunate to get the help, willingness and … let’s face it, the sympathy that the project required. But even with very strong volunteer powers, actual money is a really nifty and most useful thing to have. We aim at raising some through corporate sponsors and foundations for 2013… not least to be able to cater to Bunkerlove artists and volunteers in less first world hand-to-mouth manner.

A very nice surprise spun out of the blue, when 2 independent psychotherapists and business angels decided to make a donation. Annette Dahm who offers individual and group counselling, and Birthe Ditlev Johansen who offers family therapy (yes, if the names ring familiar… besides being therapists, Annette is co-founder Nikkie‘s mother and Birthe is BunkerLove speaker Lars‘ sister). Both saw and acknowledged the therapeutic aspect to and potential in BunkerLove. We think that is very, very cool! How many art events have cash blessings from therapists? Well… BunkerLove does. And we have room for many more psyche sponsors. Please tell your shrink… It can be great to share with a pro listener.

Music: Kroke, Time

Lars Ditlev Johansen for BunkerLove

On track - by Lars Ditlev Johansen

“Sometimes we feel like corpses, washed up on a remote beach. Bodies feel like an unmanageable mass of deadweight and every step like an endless wandering through blame and self-loathing. We fucked up, a faceless demon forced us… With BunkerLove we turn around and face the beast. Together and separately, we rise towards the sun, with our shades intact. Seems to be worth a celebration. See you July 15.”

These are the voluptuous words of theater director, writer and actor Lars Ditlev Johansen. We are completely delighted that he has agreed to share his thoughts on facing one’s demons at our first BunkerLove Festival on July 15. Can’t wait!

Lars has been an actor and theater director since 1987 and recently made his debut as a playwright too. His well-received piece På sporet (On track) played at Nordkraft last fall and the image above is from the play. Photo by Anne Mette Welling. THANK YOU, Lars <3