BunkerLove closes as an association and opens as an art project

Since 2012 the BunkerLove Association hosted 6 festivals in Furreby, Hirtshals and Grønhøj, and many more events and openings in North Denmark. The Chris Brock Photography series from 2013 entitled ‘Something’s Rotten in the State of Denmark’ was at 4 very nice locations; Nordkraft, Jammerbugt city hall, Hjørring Library and Museum center Hanstholm. Material sponsorships and cash for a million Danish kroner from Kulturpunkt 2013, Kulturkanten, Hjørring Kommune, Jammerbugt kommune, Aalborg University, Cembrit, Sadolin and many more, have been split into countless small chunks and into a lot of interesting work for a lot of people.

The artworks and performances created for the BunkerLove festivals have been incredible and make representatives stand very strong.

One of the major challenges for BunkerLove’s board has been and is to use our own as well as the forces of members and of good ideas, in a sustainable way.

We have decided to cancel this year’s festival, pay back the contribution from Hjørring municipality, Mads Mouritz is in a dialogue with the Danish Arts Foundation in regards to the concert means he’s obtained, and instead we will just meet and say hello on July 16 at 15 o’clock in the approximate middle of the bunker battery in Furreby…

The transformation of BunkerLove is to work through cells and representatives and to not have a coordinating board. BunkerLove will no longer hold a VAT number and a bank account. There is still plenty of opportunity to cooperate, to be a team and to work with professional financing, only it will not be the association but the parties involved who share and bear responsibility. Planning of BunkerLove Festivals can be done single-handed (with or without money), as well as with culture partners in the local community, region or state, or possibly more likely with established museums and associations who may even handle finances as part of their acts.


Looking ahead, ‘members’ can be representatives of BunkerLove in different contexts, areas or places. There are no requirements other than a common goal to transform the bunkers into works of art in the name of peace and love. Representatives have no obligations other than to invite each other through Facebook and/or website for public events which BunkerLove is part of, preferably in a reasonable time frame.

We will gather at least once a year to value and evaluate the condition of BunkerLove and to set a date and place of the next meetup. Statutes and framework will be changed to the new agreement and together with the artistic project will form the base of our meetups. The first meetup will be July 16 at 15 o’clock in the middle of the bunker battery in Furreby near Løkken, where everyone is welcome.

We welcome transformation and look forward to the beach trip on July 16 at 15 o’clock.

Reality check through questionnaire

Dear friends of BunkerLove

The board of BunkerLove on May 5 made a decision to close down our association as a legal entity, and to rather continue as an art project on a person to person-basis.

We’ll have to change our statutes etc. to no longer reflect that there’s a group of coordinators to handle any administration and collective fundraising etc..

One week ago we asked our members for their opinion on our future direction and we are happy to now share the response and to also ask for everyone’s opinion.


Click here to see members’ response

Click here to start the questionnaire, please

Please note: the questionnaire is in English but feel free to answer in any language. A gmail or google account is needed to complete the survey, if you don’t have one but would like to be part of the survey you are welcome to answer these questions and email your input to info@bunkerlove.com

We’ll try to incorporate the input into direction and communication in the near future.

With BunkerLove