ALERT BunkerLove in Hirtshals is OPEN

Chris Brock photography, Cottage for Yemanja, flower bunker by Inge Tranter

Part of Chris Brock Photography‘s work for BunkerLove 2013, showing Gabriel Tranter in front of A Cottage for Yemanja, a flower bunker by Inge Tranter. This is part of ALERT BunkerLove July 7 in Hirtshals and still open. Next festival is CHILLED BunkerLove July 14 in Grønhøj and PEOPLE’S BunkerLove July 21 in Furreby, Løkken.

Throughout the BunkerLove festival series you can feel the magnificence of ALERT BunkerLove 2013, which opened in Hirtshals last Sunday. For a few weeks you can experience:

  • A Cottage for Yemanja – created by the coordinator for the festival Inge Tranter and already referred to as the flower bunker. 
  • 111 Buddhas by Meile Sposmanyte. For the festival she placed Buddhas on the beach and Tibetan prayers inside a bunker. The Buddhas are a beautiful vision as they decay on the beach.
  • Liden Karen – a video installation by Gabriel & Inge Tranter.
  • The Drama A Walk in the Dark by Lars Ditlev Johansen plays every night until Saturday at 21.30. You will be picked up by the parking lot to the left of the light house. The drama is based on Edgar Lee Masters Spoon River Anthology, and played in Danish by the creator Lars Ditlev Johansen with Marie Eriksen, Anita Holst Sørensen, Kaare Bjørn Vad, and Lars Olsen & Birthe Rosenfeldt from Åsen teater. App. 45 minutes.

The festival itself was a truly beautiful and overwhelming BunkerLove experience and we are trying to collect press clippings and photos on our Facebook page. We will work to nicely document all the highlights once we’re through the festival series. 

Sandro Masai who so beautifully orchestrated the Flowers for Yemanja ceremony to cleanse the bunkers with Semente do Samba will document all works of bunker transformations as Points of Interest using junaio for the Association’s new, virtual, Atlantic wall. And we’ll have more photos by Chris Brock and others to share.

The potency, the power of transforming bunkers into symbols of Love, Art and Transformation seemed apparant after our pilot project, but rolling through this festival series is… beyond words. Please share your  photos, thoughts and feelings about the festival freely… in the comments or on our Facebook page. Tagging yourself on photos or sharing media clippings is much appreciated. See you in Hirtshals for CHILLED BunkerLove in Grønhøj this Sunday or for PEOPLE’S BunkerLove in Furreby on the 21st of July. Or somewhere around here.

Method Freedom

BunkerLove sent an application in January to the Danish Nature Agency for dispensation to use Hirtshals, Kærsgård and Furreby beaches for festival venues. A week ago they sent us their decision:

  • Green light for our festivals in Hirtshals and Furreby at Løkken. The amazing participating artists can work with their chosen bunkers, and may be able to leave some transformations behind until September. YES!
  • Red light for Kærsgård, for fear that ‘foreign elements’ (“fremmed-elementer”) will spoil the experience of nature on the beach. The agency’s view of the bunkers appears to be radically different to ours…

The preliminary layout for SACRED BunkerLove Festival, in between the more exuberant ones, ALERT BunkerLove in Hirtshals 7 July and PEOPLE’S BunkerLove in Furreby by Løkken 21 July.

We were planning to hold our SACRED BunkerLove at Kærsgård, but we don’t want to battle the authorities on this one. We believe that this beach will become available to us sometime in the future.

It has been tough to be informed with such short notice, particularly as there is a great deal of focus on us as a regional Kulturpunkt.

We currently have two possibilities for collaboration about the venue for our middle festival. One is “Chilled” and another is an exploration of the bunker removals, scheduled to commence in late July in collaboration with the coastal directorate and four Danish municipalities. The bunkers have been paid for twice and we would like to somehow make the most of that fact by including them in our planned Virtual Wall building using Augmented Reality and the Junaio application. Sandro Masai will, in addition to playing a key artistic role at the festival in Hirtshals, start constructing this virtual wall with Junaio “bricks” (also called “Points of Interest”) during all 3 BunkerLove Festivals.

We are also very curious to see the ‘method freedom’ being applied, which is the method that the bunker removal entrepreneurs have been granted (the video above shows a 10 years old bunker removal… it can be done with heavy machinery). It may be due to the fact that there is no method which makes much sense. We’ll just be sacred about it. No matter where we take the program on the 14th, we’ll be with Platform 4 on July 13 in Karolinelund, Aalborg, to start In A Silent Wave. And the whole Festival series kicks off on July 6 at a Pecha Kucha warm-up at Oceanarium, open and free for all. The bunker drama A Walk in the Dark will be performed at all festivals and further to be announced.

Volunteer art assistants needed

We need a lot of people to help create magnificent bunker art this summer. We will be back with more details, but don’t hesitate to contact us if you have creative time to spare. THANK YOU to all artists and a wide range of participators, and thank you all. Feel free to share the beautiful banners made by Viola Heyn-Johnsen, the mother of our logo.