Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark – Hjørring

Chris Brock Exhibition, Hjørring Library

Information på dansk om udstillingen på Hjørring Biblioteks hjemmeside. Her ses Chris Brocks portrætter af Erik Peitersen, Edit E. Vizer & Christian Skjødt.

Our Chris Brock Photo exhibition with portraits from BunkerLove 2013 is on display at Hjørring Library in February, Monday-Friday from 9-18 and Saturday from 9-15.

The 10 portraits which Andrew Zealey selected are placed in a circle (inside/ outside) connected to remains from Inge Tranter’s lovely ‘Cottage for Yemanja’, something extra to remember the flower bunker and festival series by. Inside it is our presentation film and guestbook.

The Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark photo exhibition will move to exciting (floating?) venues in Aalborg and Hanstholm in June and July. We have ideas for spring time too, but it’s more fun with collaborators, so don’t hesitate if you have ideas for where to take the exhibition next. Please write or here.

Don’t forget to follow Chris Brock’s blog, everything looks better with him.

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