Smelly Bunker Holiday?

On our Facebook wall we received this clipping from a Danish magazine from 1949 – thank you, Louise! It shows a bunker located near (app. 10 km.) one of the BunkerLove venues in North Denmark, transformed into a summer home. It reads something along the lines of (the original is weird too):

A solid summer home for three quarters of a million

It is hard to find practical application for all the destructive toys made with costly money in the belligerent countries during WWII. A bombed battleship, which may have costed enough for the citizens of a capitol to ride the tram for free for at least one year, can now be acquired for 100.000, and a cannon position by the dunes of the west coast, on which the Germans spent three quarters of a million (of our) kroner. Boiler inspector A.C. Nielsen, Aalborg, who acquired the solid house is not worried that it will fall apart during the first seasons.

Your stories, knowledge or input about this or any other bunker transformation are most welcome on our wall or here.

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