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Bunker remains by Janne Fonda, Fonda Foto

Photo: Janne Fonda

It is easy to get visions, it’s easy to get ideas, it’s easy to imagine great things and manifestations, it’s easy to dream… for example about how to transform bunkers in exciting ways. Making things real, tearing down one’s own blocks and doubts and actually DO IT, is usually a little more demanding.

A large part of the BunkerLove festival details were carried out in close proximity to the actual event. We were so fortunate to get the help, willingness and … let’s face it, the sympathy that the project required. But even with very strong volunteer powers, actual money is a really nifty and most useful thing to have. We aim at raising some through corporate sponsors and foundations for 2013… not least to be able to cater to Bunkerlove artists and volunteers in less first world hand-to-mouth manner.

A very nice surprise spun out of the blue, when 2 independent psychotherapists and business angels decided to make a donation. Annette Dahm who offers individual and group counselling, and Birthe Ditlev Johansen who offers family therapy (yes, if the names ring familiar… besides being therapists, Annette is co-founder Nikkie‘s mother and Birthe is BunkerLove speaker Lars‘ sister). Both saw and acknowledged the therapeutic aspect to and potential in BunkerLove. We think that is very, very cool! How many art events have cash blessings from therapists? Well… BunkerLove does. And we have room for many more psyche sponsors. Please tell your shrink… It can be great to share with a pro listener.

Music: Kroke, Time

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