Wish Boats by P.S.

Wish Boats is a performance by the artist trio P.S. which will take place at the Danish Culture Summit 2018, on the night of the 24th/ at 01-03 in the morning of Saturday 25th August in Klosterbugten, Nykøbing Mors aka the Culture Fjord. See details about the Wish Boats event on Facebook

The Performance group P.S. (Post Scriptum) work site-specific on the fjord in a long duration performance, which will have a ritual quality. Small paper boats with wishes and lights are released into the fjord from wooden boats that parade slowly through the black water. A man in a citrinitas robe and two scarlet figurines will light and release the boats that have been created and filled with wishes and dreams by passers-by.

P.S. consists of Rikke Steen Mapstone, Andrew Zealey & Anja Korsgaard

Thank you to Kulturmødet and to Nykøbing Mors Roklub, contributing with a boat and oarswomen, for making Wish Boats possible.

The three previously performed Magic Mandorla at the Culture Summit 2017 and for Pilgrim Mors 2018. Get a feel of their +1 hour long performance at the summit in 2017.

Music by Jenz Møller (guitar, keyboards, mix) with Suzette Gemzøe & Andrew Zealey, camera by Jais Hammerlund, Production and additional images by Nanna Thorhauge

Thank you to our sponsors

P.S. & BunkerLove wish to thank                                           

Morsø Hegn, Kulturmødet Mors, Flemming Korsgaard, Typographic, Morsømaling.dk, Mors Gebrugsplads. TAK til Iris Nielsen, Daniel, Mie & Laura Hansen, Helle Brunse, Charlotte Heide-Kristensen, Jonas Jensen, Owen Henderson, Jais Hammerlund, Will Whelan, Nanna Thorhauge, Jenz Møller, Suzette Gemzøe. And more.


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