The Power of We

Blog Action Day - The Power of We

Blog Action Day 2012 - The Power of We

Peter Bastian in a recent interview said that in order to move in a direction where we become more able to bear the weight of our own emotional life without trembling and bothering other people with it, we have to focus on what we want with each other, our lifes, ourselves, our children. Our routine dealings with each other are characterized by ideas of comfort and cosiness, we bow and speak nicely. A form that makes the whole lesser than the sum of its parts, and focusing on how I feel in this community, more so than on what we can do together. BunkerLove represents a move towards the unknown, a movement where we together are us. Different rules apply to such a move. Making an effort in this uncertainty means to be present. To make an effort is awareness.

Useful employees by noochiWith BunkerLove we are on an unknown road, and the road feels good. I feel challenged in all areas. With BunkerLove in the back, it is even possible for me to trust the fear of the unknown. My feeling is that we will make this grow. We have been heard, and we listen. There is a relation going on. The unpredictability makes it possible to listen – to be together. My own feeling is that I myself am larger than the sum of the parts, able to make results that are better than what I could achieve with just my own 2 arms, as illustrated by Nanna. When I work for BunkerLove I work with BunkerLove. We would love it if you want to Join our We.

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