Photos from 3 stops by the Atlantic Wall of North Denmark

BunkerLove 2013 – 3 stop i Nordjylland from BunkerLove on Vimeo. The 6 minutes video presents photos from this year’s 3 BunkerLove festivals in Hirtshals, Grønhøj and Furreby. They are set to music by Gregers Kirkegaard (‘Jeg drømte mig en drøm’ & ‘By this river’) and Natmandskomplottet (‘Drømme af sten’). The program is shown in the corresponding English flyer here.

Thank you doesn’t cover the depth of our gratitude, and so we hope this report will assist the BunkerLove.

Photos: Chris Brock
Additional photos: Jakob Stig Nielsen, Janne Fonda, Thomas Andersen, Jens Astrup

Hirtshals (Alert) – Drømte mig en drøm, Gregers Kirkegaard, BunkerLove 2013 edit
Grønhøj (Chilled) – By this river, Gregers Kirkegaard, BunkerLove 2013 edit
Furreby (People’s) – Drømme af sten, Natmandskomplottet for BunkerLove 2013

Nordkraft made a poster for our Chris Brock exhibition. Feel free to share or print your own posters – the pdf from Nordkraft is here: bunkerlove – nordkraft – chris brock_poster

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