On bunkers and safety

It is a great privilege and joy to share a new short film for BunkerLove 2013 made by filmmaker Marcelo Felix. His extended film work inspired our artistic project. The film is titled Ein Stern. It will be followed by another film this autumn. See film notes.


Marcelo Felix is a filmmaker, author, writer and translator working from Lisbon. His film Eden’s Ark (A Arca Do Éden) won awards for ‘Best film about art’ at Festival Temps d’Images (Portugal, 2011) and ‘Best Film’ at Festival Move Cine Arte (Brazil, 2012). Eden’s Ark is shown in Cinemateket in Copenhagen on August 28, at 16.30 as part of Copenhagen Art week. Watch Eden’s Ark trailer or read more about the film

Ein Stern is created for the BunkerLove 2013 festival series.


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