Musical BunkerLove Festival 2016 – Mark the dates

It is a pleasure to share some good news about the BunkerLove Festival 2016:

  • The musical program for BunkerLove Festival 2016 has amazingly been secured by the association’s music booker Mads Mouritz! He has been granted support from the Danish Arts Foundation, to finance a minimum of 4 concerts. The support is conditioned by a payment option, which we expect to be volunteer, as we are in public space. Your ideas for a creative format are welcome. THANKS:


Statens Kunstfond

  • To our great liking the municipality of Hjørring continues the support of the BunkerLove Festival and further encourages collaboration with other events, which we will elaborate when we can.

Hjørring kommune

The board works to make clear and to communicate the framework for participation. A discussion about the format, finances and the roles of artists, volunteers and visitors are also on the agenda for the general assembly on March 17th at 17-19 and at an Info meeting for all interested parties on March 30 from 19-21. Both meetings are held at Platform 4 in Aalborg. We hope you’ll note the dates and also note

BunkerLove Festival 2016 is to be held in Furreby on July 15-16

These are a Friday and a Saturday, and we expect that Friday and the week up until the festival there will be working artists on the beach and full-blown festival come Saturday.

BunkerLove wish you a happy new year with this teaser from the BunkerLove festivals in 2014. The video is created by Miko Lewandowski and the Furreby part is filmed by Trevor Jensen. It has music by The Liberty Balance: Calling on Rebels.

To a 2016 filled with bunkers of love! Sweet sixteen!

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