Mikael K for BunkerLove ♫

“I am sick and tired of hearing about the Danish outskirts as ‘a rotten banana’, if anything it’s a ‘cultural banana’, and Bunkerlove sets that image on fire! I shot a video in the Furreby area, this place must be visited and seen, and what better context than one that flips the gloomy images of the bunkers. I am on this bandwagon 100%”

says Danish singer and songwriter Mikael K of Klondyke. We are THRILLED that he will play at the Bunkerlove Festival chill on July 15… Mark your calendar, and stay tuned!

‘I mit Nirvana’ (My Nirvana) is the opening track on Mikael K & Klondyke‘s most recent album: Udkantsland – sange fra skæve Danmark vol.1 (Fringe country – songs from crooked Denmark vol.1). THANK YOU!

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