highlights (life’s a beach)

lifes-a-beach-azby Andrew Zealey for the Free BunkerLove festival 13th july 2014:

After 70 years of lashings from the harsh north sea, howling winds and rain and sand – like a million cat-o-nine-tails – these bunkers have paid their price. They are no longer the sentinals of evil. They are the reminders of an evil regime where one man’s madness can take over the world. This MUST not EVER happen again. We MUST work together. Stand side by side. For no one is better or worse than the next, and we need  to try to understand our enemies.

Today these bunkers are oozing out white calcium deposits from deep witin their core. They are being cleansed by nature from within their own building blocks. These white deposits have created patterns that somehow remind me of my paintings. I aim to ‘highlight’ these purgings with organic paint mixed with buttermilk and eggs. These ‘highlights’ will disappear gradually, depending on the weather and mother nature. My mark making aims to enlighten the healing process already taking place.

Nature’s power can heal all wounds of war and oppression given enough time but only if we nurture and not abuse her.


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