From the Foxholes

Our newest member, Mikkel Fox has offered to help us to build our Instagram following so that we can attract a younger target audience.

Mikkel Fox attended the beach party at the People’s BunkerLove festival in 2013 and wondered why there weren’t more people present who fell into his age group. So he has volunteered his services to expand our following on Instagram, an image-sharing application which has a younger audience. We are delighted to have him as a friend and spokesperson and we are really thrilled with his initiative in contacting us!

Mikkel Fox reporting from Løkken, North Denmark

If you have an Instagram account, please be sure to welcome Mikkel Fox as our BunkerLove editor. Mikkel is in his final year of high school in Brønderslev, and has interesting plans afoot for travel and study… Like BunkerLove, he is not a fan of well-trodden paths… He’s adventurous and did his year 10 in Japan….. in Japanese! へようこそ

See you on Instagram!

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