Gold Tooth – Erik Peitersen for BunkerLove

Erik Peitersen on the Gold Tooth to be

We are thrilled and excited to announce that Erik Peitersen will contribute to BunkerLove with a spectacular Gold Tooth. We are completely confident to promise a small miracle in the shape of a gilded bunker in between the rotten teeth of our joint history. In gums of sand it will rise as a subtle comment to the unconsciousness with which we accept symbols of war and irrational stupidity. Erik introduces a new way of landscape painting that changes expression as often as the light, the dark, the tide and the people surrounding it.

Peitersen brings to BunkerLove his wish to portray the constant change, beauty and brutality, the deconstructive powers’ symbiotic balance with the accidental sublimation and transformation. An attempt to capture the merging of before, now and after in one go.

Materials for Gold Tooth is generously sponsored by Sadolin (Let’s Colour), and Erik will introduce it his very own way at Bunkerlove’s first festival, this Sunday July 15. Thank you Sadolin, and THANK YOU Erik – your work is a dream come true for BunkerLove!

3 comments to “Gold Tooth – Erik Peitersen for BunkerLove

  1. Hej Erik.
    Bare lige for at høre om der ikke er gemt en smule ironi i at male en guldtand.
    Det jeg mener er at som man siger heroppe:” se der kommer en tysker sejlende i jødernes guldtænder” ?
    Jeg har selv overvejet om ikke man med store fede typer skulle skrive ZIMMER FREI.
    Det ville være skønt om samtlige bunkers kunne få hvert deres udtryk.

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