Part of Gregers Kirkegaard’s Soundscape installation: In a Silent Wave

A second dispensation for this year’s BunkerLove festivals has been granted by the Danish Nature Agency. Our middle festival will take place in GrønhøjWe’ll be giving it up for bunkers that have already been occupied by friendly forces and just feel chilled about the whole sacred affair for the time being. We are in fruitful collaboration with Jammerbugt municipality about smooth operations.

Grønhøj beach has no bunkers, but right next to the beach kiosk is a special one. It has been prepared and previously used for exhibitions by local artists. Andrew Zealey who was envisioned to transform the 3 bunkers at Kærsgård beach with bio-degradable paint will exhibit paintings there. A few bunker transformations further from the beach make surprises, we’ll arrange for walks.

Chill at the long-stretched beach between Blokhus and Løkken, In a Silent Wave like no one’s watching. And to a wind powered barrel organ, and to a chilled version of A Walk in the Dark and… more. The Festival is warmed up In A Silent Wave the night before in Karolinelund in Aalborg with Platform 4. It’s exciting.

On a parallel note, we are pursuing information about the bunker removals which the Danish state is scheduling. We hope the coastal directorate will collaborate to include some of the bunker demolitions into the Virtual Atlantic Wall of creative bunker transformations we start to build.

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