Ceremony for bunkers – Photos by Andrea Valentini

BunkerLove wish to thank all the participants at our Ceremony for bunkers which took place on the 29th of October as a warm-up to the KK44 Festival in Silkeborg, Central Denmark. Special thanks to KK44 Festival, The Art Centre Silkeborg Bad, Silkeborg Bunkermuseum and the Nordea Foundation. Everyone exceeded all expectations.

Below are the official photos by Italian Andrea Valentini, who is also working on a video which will give an even better impression of atmosphere and of the radio bunker which housed äther as a most important part of the ceremony.

Thank you to OFF TRACK 2017 for supporting äther by Lydlandskab.dk, thank you Hans Pape, thank you Independent Air for the contact to Andrea Valentini. Thank you Borkes Entreprenør, Allans Auto, and thank you Jean, Nikkie and Lars for wonderful support at the event.

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