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Livia Fonden på FacebookBunkerLove is a brand new association, counting a founding board of 3, thrilled that the first members tick in! The smallest challenge we have is to figure out ‘who gets the money’ in case we close up shop, as we barely got started yet and working on fundraising. As an association you need a statute for that though, and we quickly agreed that the Livia Fonden på Facebook in support of creative ways to solve conflicts would be a worthy taker. And the Livia foundation fortunately knows how to party:

Saturday, June 16th 2012 18.30 at Edison Stage in Betty Nansen Theatre, the Livia Foundation awards:

The prizes are awarded to spirited individuals, who pioneer new processes in conflicts and approach those peacefully and creatively by:

  • encouraging communication between opponents and adversaries
  • keeping in touch with the opponent and insisting on dialogue and negotiation
  • noticing an escalation early on and go to great lengths to ensure a détente
  • creating watersheds in escalated conflicts
  • fighting for ones conviction without the use of violence
  • supporting all parties after a given conflict to ensure a cordial cohabitation and the potential for a reconciliation
  • organising a concrete strategy for conflicts in local societies.

Livia Fonden på Facebook or join their party.

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  1. Great initiative :-) In 2010 they gave a price to Leymah Gbowee, who in 2011 got the Nobel Price – so who know what will happend to this years pricewinning project :-)

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