Air time for bunkers

Gold Tooth todayIt feels a bit windy with attention not only in regards to the Kulturpunkt competition we entered (feedback meeting with the judges on Tuesday), but also in respect to the cleaning of Erik Peitersens gilded bunker. Even though we made an appeal which was denied, we’d accepted to remove the paint right before we painted it, and will of course do so. We wish for this fact to stand clear. We took the risk involved of walking into new territory, not knowing exactly if anything could get out of hand. We are still happy we did and take full responsibility!

Local media interviewed Ole B. Sørensen, who is a member of Regionsrådet (V) and one of 7 judges in Kulturpunkt as well as Nikkie right by Gold Tooth today, as her photo shows. The news will be on print and ppv-tv. It will feature all on a sunny quiet day and include a positive vox pop.

We feel grateful. Thank you.

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  1. I would never call Gold Tooth the result of a beginner’s error, but our vision of how to transform bunkers have changed. When we made partnership with Sadolin, a company part of AkzoNobel, who sponsored the materials for Erik Peitersen’s work we really imagined bunkers in all types of colours and coating (this is what Sadolin – Let’s Colour – envisioned too). We surely would love such scenario, but whereas the bunkers are ‘Permanent’, ‘Ständig’, we are just here for a short time and have to make most of it. Experimenting with new materials and approaches, and using multimedia and lights to change the expression of the bunkers, to make them breathe new stories and experiences is the goal in itself. That has nothing to do with ‘how long’… We will work with the documentation of the art to remember and continue to treasure it, but look at the time aspect as yet another contrast to the bunkers. Here’s the Danish article from Nordjyske

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