BunkerLove 2012 – Festival photos

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BunkerLove Festival 2012 on July 15th presented:

  • GOLD TOOTH – a gilded bunker by Erik Peitersen
  • SLOW-WAVE SLEEP – a film installation by Inge Tranter & Meile Sposmanyte

The festival was our pilot project, and took place in July in Denmark by the bunkers of Furreby by Løkken in Northern Jutland. Gold Tooth is still standing!

Besides presentations of the works of art, there was a musical and poetic program:

Flyer bunkerlove 2012


Directions to the venue in Danish. See Google map of the Furreby bunker village right next to Løkken, and close to Nørre Lyngby. 40 minutes from nearest airport of AAL (Aalborg). See images of the venue in its previous state.

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