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Maker of wonderful sounds using wind and sun, artist Tulle Ruth portrayed by Chris Brock

For Alert BunkerLove Festival 2013 in Hirtshals and for Chilled BunkerLove Festival 2013 in Grønhøj, Danish artist Tulle Ruth based in Rygge, Norway, brought her Wind-powered Musical Organ. This is an experimental sound project that challenges new-old techniques and turn wind into music in a most charming manner and sound. Tulle Ruth runs a solar powered audio gallery and is a part of BunkerLove’s  energy group.

The wind-powered barrel organ

A windmill delivers electricity to this “perpetual” motion machine. The organ plays as the wind blows – due to a small drill underneath the organ, which makes a wheel spin and the music play. A sail is placed in the front, working as the conductor in control of the speed of the music. The more wind the faster the music, and the less wind the slower the music. No wind equals silence.

The music is printed as holes in a very long paper roll, the music book, and runs within a modified loop system, which is a construction made above and below the organ. This system enables the music to play forever without having to rewind by hand. Ruben S. Gjertsen is the composer and has dedicated the piece “Mountain Music” to the project. Tulle Ruth for over a decade worked with Speaking Mountains and among numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout Europe, she’s made Anniversaries and a Spanking Machine.

Tulle Ruth is educated MFA-Studio Art, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, at Kunstakademiet Kunsthøgskolen, Bergen, at Mediekunstskolen, Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi and Hovedshous Målarskola, Göteborg.

Member of NBK, NBF, ØBK og BOA. Portfolio at www.tulleruth.com

Tulle Ruth on photographer Chris Brock’s blog

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