To do

Translate missing artist pages from English to Danish and missing English content to Danish (make a list of everything missing, for this page).

Translate missing artist pages and create new content from Danish or English to German

Improve/ updates to English content incl. images and media

Revise Statutes to reflect an art project instead of legal association

Recreate/ elaborate on mailchimp sign-up form to include info for Contacts page:

  • Whether to allow public contact info
  • What can you be contacted about (e.g. places/ bunkers of interest, ideas for collaborative works, particular aspects of BunkerLove, etc.)
  • Link to more info

Improve Thank you-pages in Danish and English, if possible include in German

Create sign-up page (mailchimp or wordpress) for new artists – the content submitted will reflect the output

  • BunkerLove festivals or events in which you(‘ve) participate(d) (when and where)
  • Please describe your BunkerLove work (English/ Danish/ German)
  • Please describe your aspirations as an artist (or organiser)
  • Please provide contact info to include on your artist page
  • Please provide contact to be included on the BL contacts page
  • Links to previous work, portfolio or other

Please send your input or contact me for further directions if you wish to contribute to an updated and functioning website.

Kind regards