To do

Translate missing artist pages from English to Danish and missing English content to Danish (make a list of everything missing, for this page).

Translate missing artist pages and create new content from Danish or English to German

Improve/ updates to English content incl. images and media

Revise Statutes to reflect an art project instead of legal association

Recreate/ elaborate on mailchimp sign-up form to include info for Contacts page:

  • Whether to allow public contact info
  • What can you be contacted about (e.g. places/ bunkers of interest, ideas for collaborative works, particular aspects of BunkerLove, etc.)
  • Link to more info

Improve Thank you-pages in Danish and English, if possible include in German

Create sign-up page (mailchimp or wordpress) for new artists – the content submitted will reflect the output

  • BunkerLove festivals or events in which you(‘ve) participate(d) (when and where)
  • Please describe your BunkerLove work (English/ Danish/ German)
  • Please describe your aspirations as an artist (or organiser)
  • Please provide contact info to include on your artist page
  • Please provide contact to be included on the BL contacts page
  • Links to previous work, portfolio or other

Please send your input or contact me for further directions if you wish to contribute to an updated and functioning website.

Kind regards
nann[email protected]