Flower Bunker 2017 – A union of single socks

ChrisBrockPhotography_1838-Tranter1400pxInge Tranter in her flower bunker, A Cottage for Yemanja, BunkerLove Festival in Hirtshals 2013. Photo by Chris Brock

For the first BunkerLove Festival in Hirtshals in 2013, Inge Tranter transformed a bunker in Hirtshals into a fantastic garden filled with flowers and plants. For the Nature Meeting 2017 in May 18-20, the artist will recreate a flowering oasis in the midst of the bunker landscape, this time assisted by school children in the municipality of Hjørring.

Inge’s work for BunkerLove and the Nature Meeting is artistically supported by Andrew Zealey, Slavomir Baca, the historical museum of Vendsyssel and others and is financially supported by the municipality of Hjørring, BMMK and KulturKANten.

A union of single socks – Is there a sock monster in your washer?

bunkerstroempeSchool children will be given the opportunity to contribute any single socks that they have, and assisted by Inge, to plant and nurture flowers for the new bunker garden.

It is estimated that every Dane loses 1.3 socks every month, and why would this be different in any other sock-wearing nation?

Inge will be touring a few schools to engage the children in the creation of the artwork. In the week before the Nature Meeting the socks will be collected for plantation in the special bunker.

See the amazing flower bunker for Bunkerlove Festival 2013 (video)


Bunker # 59 in the 10th battery, bunker museum of Hirtshals

bunker59-hirtshalsThe bunker which will be used for the garden will be the same as in 2013 and has the number 59. It was built in 1944 and is of the type Regelbau 671. It is a so-called ‘closed cannon position’ for a French 10.5 cm cannon. It is the northernmost of four cannon bunkers in the battery.

The French 10.5 cm cannons were moved from open to closed positions which caused a limited firing range of 120 degrees. In turn, the cannon had better protection from attacks. At this stage in the world war II, the Germans preferred a cannon with limited firing range over one which risked being destroyed during an attack.

Chris Brock photography, Cottage for Yemanja, flower bunker by Inge TranterGabriel Tranter facing A Cottage for Yemanja for the BunkerLove Festival 2013. Photo by Chris Brock





Rainbow BunkerLove Festival

Bunkerlove14_Flyer_ENRainbow BunkerLove Festival is the first festival in the BunkerLove season this year and it is filled to the brim with art, music and all kinds of surprises. All events are free and everyone is welcome to join us.

Vendsyssel Historical Museum will be providing tours of the bunkers and the artworks at 17.00, 19.00 and 21.00 (the last tour is by lantern light) but you are also free to walk around the bunker complex and discover the works for yourselves.

There will be a dance performance by Sigrid Norheim Ørntoft in collaboration with Marit Benthe Norheim for her work “Ruth“, a woman who experienced first hand the cruelty of the Nazi regime as a child of a German policeman. Marit Benthe Norheim will occupy the interior of the same bunker with her figurehead and film about Ruth. The piece is part of the Life-Boats project.

Dominik Blasko will be in another bunker with a piano concert. Meile Sposmanyte‘s powerful sound installation from 2013, 111 Buddhas can be experienced again in the ammunition bunker. Cathrine Ertmann will be turning the world outside her bunker upside down. And Anja Korsgaard will provide a tree for sinners to hang their penance on in the form of apples and hearts made of bunker concrete.

There will also be an opportunity to go down to the beach below the bunkers and Walk the Mile with Inge Tranter’s public participation piece involving 100 pairs of customised military boots. You can also make your own pair of boots and take them down to the beach to try them out.

Peter Max-Jakobsen‘s work Chronometer transforms a bunker into a porcupine-like structure, using the shifting coastal light to create a play of light and shadow.

Also cleared out and rediscovered is the Bunker Secret Site, which, although damaged, can now be viewed again. The work dates from 1995 and contains a secret chamber with something inside. All will be revealed in 2045, one hundred years after the end of WWII, but for now we will just have to keep guessing.

British photographer Chris Brock, who documented the festival last year with some unforgettable images, will be joining us again this year.

If you want to try your hand at a little photography yourself, poet and artist Kasper Anthoni will be supplying a DIY hole in the head board that you can take photos of yourself and friends in.

As the sun starts to wane there will be music from Ole Tersløse and Bjarke Rønnow from Platform 4 will be our DJ until the festival closes at 22.00.

Cafe Fisk in Tversted will be supplying fishcakes and rye bread from their “dellevogn” and Thomas Abildgaard will be there with his gourmet coffee stand where you can purchase coffee, tea, and cakes. Platform 4 will be supplying drinks from their scaffolding bar and the lighthouse cafe will be also be open during the day for refreshments and ice cream.

Please join us for another wonderful day transforming the bunkers of the Atlantic Wall.

Festival flyer, the program page here and the Facebook event.

BunkerLove Festival 2014 is financed by KulturKANten & Hjørring municipality