Magic Mandorla at Pilgrim Mors


Participants on the Pentecost pilgrimage on the North Danish island Mors will experience the Magic Mandorla performance when they reach Årbæk Mølle in the afternoon on Friday, May 25. EVERYONE is welcome to join, you just have to head towards the beach in the end of Årbækmøllevej by Ørding on Mors.

Anja Korsgaard in 2017 co-created the Magic Mandorla performance along with visual artist Andrew Zealey and dancer Rikke Steen Mapstone for the Culture Summit 2017, and it is the same group of performers who will be at it for Pilgrim Mors. Artist Malene Bang Zealey will further participate as a documentarist.


Anja explains:

“The point of departure is the WW2 bunkers of the West Coast but the energy of the Mandorla remains relevant in relation to the contrasts and conflicts that are part of our time and are constantly messing with our balance and in demand of attention.

Magic Mandorla – Where We Create is a performance, a journey, a dream, a Jungian exploration of the Prima Materia.”

Everyone is welcome, the Magic Mandorla is not exclusive to pilgrims. The time of the arrival of the wanderers to Ørding determines the start time, probably around 16 o’clock. The full pilgrimage with overnight stays is fully booked, but you can still join individual days.

See the program for Pilgrim Mors (in Danish)

Mandorla – BunkerLove at the Cultural Summit 2017

magicmandorla-plan2017-betonAnja Korsgaard is orchestrating the participation of BunkerLove at the Danish Cultural Summit 2017 which is taking place in Mors, August 24-26. During the three days of the event she will be working with others at Kulturfjorden (point 53 in the program) to build the stage for a performance involving three performers. Bypassers and people with interest in BunkerLove are welcome to participate in the creation on the 24th starting at 16 o’clock, on the 25th at 14 o’clock and finally the performance takes place on the 26th at 10. Feel free to contact Anja in advance if you wish for an active role.

Andrew Zealey and Rikke Steen Mapstone will be the performers along with Anja.

magic-mandorla-illuAnja explains:

“The point of departure is the WW2 bunkers of the West Coast but the energy of the Mandorla remains relevant in relation to the contrasts and conflicts that are part of our time and are constantly messing with our balance and in demand of attention.

”No (wo)man is an island”, nothing comes out of nothing. Creative urges will never transform or materialize without action. We have to believe, to dare, to sacrifice a bit of heart and soul, to be vulnerable, brave, helpless, reach out, open up and let in.

Mandorla – Where We Create pans out over three days, where the pieces of the puzzle are molded, shaped, planted and finally manifesting in a performance, a journey, a dream, a Jungian exploration of the Prima Materia.”

The main theme for The Cultural Summit 2017 is To open up
We are looking forward to it.












Shaping the Land

BunkerLove and Platform 4 will be participating in the LandShape Festival in Hanstholm from 4 – 6 June, 2015

Bunkerlove is a series of festivals taking place in the bunkers along the Atlantic Wall. Our first festival, which took place in 2012, was in the bunkers on the beach in Furreby near Løkken in North Denmark and included a gilded bunker by Erik Peitersen. In 2013, Bunkerlove won the North Denmark Region’s Kulturpunkt award, and held festivals in Furreby, Grønhøj and Hirtshals. In 2014, Hirtshals and Furreby became established venues for the festival and we held additional events at a series of venues around the country:  Dome of Visions in Copenhagen, Hanstholm Bunker Museum, as well as a touring exhibition of the photographic series “Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark” by British photographer Chris Brock.

Bunkerlove will be providing a series of works for the Landshape festival from pre-existing and new works created for the festivals. Bunkerlove will be in a teepee kindly loaned to us by VestEvent/ Safe In Water. All the works will be presented in collaboration with Platform 4.

anja-bunkerlove2014 Mads Mouritz - BunkerLove 2014, foto af Chris Brock firebreak


  • Anja Korsgaard – Ondskyld/ Be yond guilt
  • Meile Sposmanyte – 111 Buddhaer –  audio installation in a  bunker
  • Sandro Masai – My Body your room – interactive installation & dance, Thursday at 14.30
  • Meetup Friday at noon by the teepee in the camping area
  • Mads Mouritz – concert with Platform 4 visuals – friday at 21 by Fyrgården
  • Inge Tranter – Backfire – The Firebreak, performance, saturday at 21.30 by the light house
  • BunkerLove Film & Images – There will be images by Chris Brock and films from the festivals.
ChrisBrockPhotography_1304-Meile1400px ChrisBrockPhotography_5440-Sandro1000 bunkerlove2015-bw-fb

Films with music by The Liberty Balance and the song Calling on rebels from the BunkerLove festival in 2014 in Hirtshals and Furreby, filmed and edited by Mikolaj Lewandowski and Trevor Jensen. Also showing individual films with works/performances by Anja Korsgaard, Dominik Blasko, Sigrid Ørntoft Norheim and Sandro Masai.

We will also be showing a series of photographs from the BunkerLove festival in 2013, as well as two short films by Marcelo Felix: ein stern & a mare. A series of monologues from the theatre piece A Walk in The Dark by Lars Ditlev Johansen, based on the Spoon River anthology, will also be shown.

A short film of the festival in 2012 with a more in-depth film about Guldtand by Erik Peitersen and Slow-Wave Sleep by Inge Tranter and Meile Sposmanyte.

The films can also be viewed here:

More about Landshape

The Past

Lars Ditlev Johansen in performance in relation to Erik Peitersens floating bunker, Furreby. Photo by Chris Brock

Participating video artists Miko Lewandowski with help from Trevor Jensen are creating the festival documentation for 2014, which can be experienced on Vimeo.

From ‘Together in small spaces‘ in the Dome of Visions in Copenhagen, experience

Follow for more videos.

Chris Brock‘s photo report on Facebook

Transcendens Dilettante, Furreby. Photo by Chris Brock

A deepfelt thank you very much to all artists and participants and helpers in every shape and form! Thanks for the beautiful works and original performances and for sharing yourselves with the bunkers in this truly unique way.

The Annual General Assembly for BunkerLove 2015 will be at Platform4 in Karolinelund, Aalborg on Saturday, February 21. We will be back with time and agenda. Your thoughts and words are welcome

Happy New Year


Andrew Zealey working on ‘highlights/ life’s a beach’, Furreby. Photo by Chris Brock

Anja Korsgaard (DK) – Concept artist

anja-bunkerlove2014Anja Korsgaard with her work be yond guilt at the Hirtshals BunkerLove Festival 2014. Photo by Chris Brock

Magic Mandorla

The Magic Mandorla performance will be presented at Pilgrim Mors, May 25th, 2018.

Anja Korsgaard orchestrated the Magic Mandorla for the Danish Cultural Summit 2017 in collaboration with Andrew Zealey and Rikke Steen Mapstone.

Be yond guilt

Artist Anja Korsgaard created the work Ondskyld/ be yond guilt for the Rainbow Bunkerlove Festival 2014 in Hirtshals and since ‘Ceremony for bunkers’ in 2016 it has been exhibited at The Art Centre Silkeborg Bad by the bunker museum. It was part of Ceremony for bunkers in Silkeborg Bad on the 29th of October, 2016, which was a part of the KK44 Festival program.

Anja is also participating in BunkerLove’s transformation into an art project.

Experienced and observing exterior, as well as inner tensions between light and dark, good and bad, strength and weakness, courage and dejection are the outlines in the basic essence, that permeate motives and atmosphere. Voluntary and involuntary transformations in human life and mind. The changeability of reality.

Anja Korsgaard was born in 1974 and lives on Mors – the island where she was born. She was part of the EU-supported pilot project ‘Experience Growth, Talent Course’, working with the development and promotion of artists and their art. See

How does a war begin? How does it end? Who is guilty of it, who is to blame? Who is spreading guilt/blame? On the basis of WW2 I try to find the root of the guilt/blame of the guilty/blamed. Executioners’ guilt. Hitler’s guilt. The guilt he gave and the blame he got. I am beginning to understand how guilt/blame built up. And the importance of forgiving guilt/blame. Stop guilt/blame. Release guilt/blame. the guilt/blame of others and the guilt/blame of one self. The intentional guilt/blame risen from own will or pressure and the guilt/blame grown from painful events. There is always the possibility to find guilt/blame and let it continue its way around the world. Guilt/blame changes direction and goal depending on time, place and culture. It shrinks here and grows there. We pass the buck among each other. There are no excuse for guilt/blame. We have nourished guilt/blame. Set in order. Measured and placed it with the purpose of letting the guilty/blamed ones feel it, get it under their skin with the potential possibility to burst into new waves of guilt and blame sweeping over the world.

We who take it. We who get it. We who give it. Can we allow and learn to transform and eliminate guilt/blame? Are we able to? Do we dare? Do we want to? and how is it done?

With the project “ONDSKYLD – be yond guilt” I work on getting beyond guilt. Mine. Yours. Our.

“ONDSKYLD – be yond guilt” was exhibited at the Rainbow BunkerLove Festival 2014 in Hirtshals, and further in Furreby and Mors. Since 2016, the surviving tree has been planted outside the Bunker Museum in Silkeborg, where it can be experienced in grand surroundings.

Anja’s portfolio at Anja-Korsgaard_kulhaand