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BunkerLove starts with an artistic translation and celebration of bunkers in the approximate middle of the Atlantic Wall. At Furreby beachSperbatterie Nord M.K.B. 4/509 to be exact, by Løkken in Northern Jutland by the Danish west coast. Here, the beaches are beautiful, the sea is wondrous, the light is ever changing and the tide transforms the scenery daily. The oddly spectacular bunkers are of the type ‘Ständig’ (Permanent/ Constant) and will make an unforgettable canvas and setting for our pilot BunkerLove Festival.

Shared History, Shared Future
During the second world war, the Nazis ventured around 14.000 bunkers known as the Atlantic Wall, along the coasts of France, Channel Islands, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Norway and Denmark to avoid allied landings. The sea works slowly but tenaciously to destroy these displaced heirlooms of war, but there is no national- and no joint European opinion or conservation policy in regards to the bunkers.

Today more than ever, Europe needs spiritual cohesion, and we believe in every Man’s and every Society’s right to truly develop and change. The Bunkers, the monuments of oppression and stupidity, belong to us, they are a part of who we are. That means they are our responsibility too… and we are ready to move on.

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