Slow-wave Sleep, 2012

Film installation by Inge Tranter and Meile Sposmanyte showing a young woman in a restless sleep inside the bunker tunnel at Furreby beach for BunkerLove 2012. Photo by Meile Sposmanyte

Slow-wave Sleep is the work of multimedia artists  Inge Tranter (DK/ ZA) and Meile Sposmanyte (DK/ LT) for BunkerLove 2012. The duo responded to the small niches in the bunkers, the tunnels, holes, nooks and crannies and the dark, secret spaces contained within the imposing solidity of the constructions. They presented a film installation of a person in a restless sleep which is akin to the state of occupation. The mind and body function but have lost control, dreaming of action, but unable to effect it. The film was projected into a dark bunker tunnel at the bunker battery of Furreby beach, North Denmark.

”In these small, crooked spaces, some of which have become squeezed and diminished by the sinking and tilting of the bunkers as they descend into the sand, there is a vulnerability, and the dimensions of the human being.

This tilting is like the tilting of the body in the sleep process. Somewhere between the states of wakefulness and sleep, between the conscious and the unconscious. The state of sleep is akin to the state of occupation, where the mind and body are no longer completely in control. They function, but on a very limited, impotent level, dreaming of action, but unable to effect it. This is much like the state of a country under occupation, where the day to day activities still take place, but in the control of an occupying force. The bunkers are a potent symbol of this occupying force.

The title refers to the deep sleep stage of the sleep cycle as well as to the waves that lap around the bunkers and move them inexorably into the ocean and towards their obliteration.”

Video showing the installation. The photos below are from the preparations and introduction.

Inge Tranter and Meile Sposmanyte both exhibited at ALERT BunkerLove Festival 2013, which took place in the Hirtshals bunkers, July 7, and was coordinated by Inge Tranter. For the festival Inge created A Cottage for Yemanja and Meile Sposmanyte created 111 Buddhas. Since March 2013 Inge Tranter has been a part of BunkerLove’s board.

About Inge Tranter
Born 1965 in Johannesburg, South Africa. MA in Fine Arts from Royal College of Art, London and BA Fine Art from University of Cape Town. Since 94 she has exhibited her graphics, photo- and video art, sculptures and light installations in South Africa and throughout Europe, the past 2 years with the Glass dress project in collaboration with Michael Richardt Petersen. Inge is a member of ‘Danish Visual Artists’ and resides in North of Jutland in Denmark.

About Meile Sposmanyte
Born 1969 in Lithuania. Studied at Klaipeda University and at College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Aalborg, Denmark. In 93 she authored book of poems “In The Provinces Of The Universe”. Since 96 she has exhibited paintings, silk paintings, graphic works and installations in Lithuania, Norway and Denmark, most recently at Vendsyssel Art Museum, KS11 and Mygdalhus. Lives in Aalborg, Denmark.

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