Sandro Masai (DK/ BR) – Performance

MyBody2Sandro Masai participates at BunkerLove Festival in the Furreby bunkers 13 July with:

My Body Your Room – Interactive Art Installation and Dance Performance

“BunkerLove aims to breathe new life into the bunkers with cultural happenings which both commemorate lives lost and ponder past mistakes as well as look to the future positively.” From BunkerLove homepage.

Sandro Masai took this sentence above literally and create for the BunkerLove festival this year an audio-visual interactive installation, where he lends his own breathe and pulse to the bunker.
“My Body Your Room” is an art installation in which the body of the performer (Sandro Masai) is the source for the audio and visual experience inside the bunker.

Concept, Designer and Performer: Sandro Masai – Computer Programmer: Sune Petersen


Flowers for Yemanja – Sandro Masai with dancers and Semente do Samba. Outside Inge Tranter’s Cottage for Yemanja in the Hirtshals bunkers in 2013, moving down to the beach and placing flowers onto the water in honour of the Brazilian goddess Yemanja. Photo by Chris Brock

Flowers for Yemanja was the title of Sandro Masai‘s contribution to Alert BunkerLove Festival 2013 in Hirtshals. It was made in collaboration with the Aalborg-based samba orchestra Semente do Samba. It was a celebration of the ability of the human spirit to overcome apparently overwhelming odds and the ability of nature and time to heal over old wounds. Sandro’s performance was a collaboration with Inge Tranter and centred around A Cottage for Yemanja, the flower bunker which she created in collaboration with Michael Richardt Petersen.

Sandro Masai also worked with documenting the BunkerLove 2013 festivals with Augmented Reality using the junaio app. Learn how to use it.

Sandro Masai (Alexsandro Almeida Da Silva) is a Theatre Performer, Dancer and Visual Artist who operates mainly in modern dance and physical theatre, but also acts in films, theatre plays and live art performances. Since 2001 he has performed numerously in Brazil, Germany and Denmark. In 2012 he was part of Video/Light installation Platform4 vs. Aalborg Symfoniorkester, and made Time/Life: Interactive Art Installation in collaboration with Edit Vizer at Nordkraft.

Sandro holds a bachelor in Art & Technology from Aalborg University and attended ‘Moving Images’ (cinema) in the University of Westminster (London, UK). He also teaches dance and theatrical performance. He also works as a VJ and multimedia design. He has been living in Aalborg, Denmark since 2007 and in 2009 was awarded the Transformator prize for creating a modern dance troupe in Aalborg. He is now studying at Designskolen Kolding.

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Sandro Masai inside the flower bunker A Cottage for Yemanja – portrayed by Chris Brock

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