Ruins (S) – Architecture

swedisharchitects-topArchitect and Installation artist Elin Strand Ruin and architect Klas Ruin in collaboration with Spridd, all based in Stockholm, will provide an architectonic bunker transformation for People’s BunkerLove 2013, July 21st at Furreby beach by Løkken, North Denmark.

Elin is born in 1970 and studied Fine Arts at Goldsmiths College, University of London, the Royal College of Art in Stockholm and holds an MA in Architecture from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. In a series of collaboratory works her artistic practice elaborates on the private home concerning textile and cooking with a certain interest in female social culture creating architecture based on decoration and social networks.

‘My work is operating in the interface between art and architecture in the public space and explores how experimental art- and architecture projects could function as catalysts for social and architectural changes.’

Elin Strand Ruin has exhibited in Europe and Sweden during the last 10 years. In December 2011, she exhibited the project My Kitchen at the show Smack bang at the People’s Port/H+ in Helsingborg, Sweden. Knitting House was exhibited at the Reykjavik Art Museum (Hafnarhus), Reykjavik Art Festival 2012, with (I)ndepend-ent People curated by Jonathan Habib Engqvist and was exhibited at the Museum of Architecture in Stockholm Jan-Mar 2013. Meet Elin and the Knitting House in this Icelandic documentary (RUV), at 43:10

Visit for complete portfolio and meet Klas Ruin and Spridd