Objartiste (DK/ PL), Video installation


l’Objartiste outside the cannon bunker which housed their video installation ‘Akurat’ for People’s BunkerLove 2013. Portrayed by Chris Brock

The artistic duo Objartiste on Furreby beach for People’s BunkerLove 2013 exhibited a video installation entitled AKURAT made specifically for a cannon bunker there. The piece explores the idea of evolution of change – in stories, relationships and environments.

In two films in each side of the cannon bunker it attempts to capture the delicate, narrative progression of what is ‘full’ (see part 1 – ‘Ammo‘) to what is ’empty’ (see part 2 – ‘Shells‘) and the imagined ‘in between’. See the documentation of AKURAT

Objartiste dedicated the artwork to the “En af Os” organisation.


The duo consists of Agata P. Mlynczak and Mikolaj Lewandowski who have lived in Denmark for the past 5 years. Both are educated in Art and Technology from Aalborg University, and work with film-making, visual art and storytelling. Their projects aim to mold elements of disciplines such as film, interactive art, light installation and music in order to create one coherent experience.

See Objartiste portfolio and the duo’s documentation of AKURAT.

Objartiste (PL) - Interactive Video Installation

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