Meile Sposmanyte


Meile Sposmanyte placing one of 111 Buddhas on the beach by the Hirtshals bunkers for Alert BunkerLove Festival 2013. The audio part of 111 Buddhas will be exhibited at the BunkerLove Festivals 2014 taking place in Hirtshals on July 6 and Furreby by Løkken on July 13. Photo by Chris Brock

Experience the sound of 111 Buddhas at the Landshape Festival on June 4-6, 2015 in Hanstholm. The audio installation was also a part of BunkerLove Festival 2014 in Hirtshals on July 6 and Furreby near Løkken on July 13.

Multimedia artist Meile Sposmanyte participated in BunkerLove’s 2012 pilot project with film installation Slow-Wave Sleep and participated in Alert BunkerLove Festival 2013 in Hirtshals with 111 Buddhas. It was a sculptural installation on the beach and an audio installation in the bunkers which examines themes of occupation in a historical and contemporary context.

Inspired by the geological immigration of foreign stones being washed ashore as mirrors for the bunkers that are also strange results of an equally explicable or inexplicable exchange of materials. Meile’s work for BunkerLove is to be considered a:

… meditation on what it is like to be washed up ashore and to be looking at this new territory whilst having on the horizon your point of origin, which, being a stone, may seem to be impossible to come back to. The beach is also the place where the heavy form of the stone meet its opposite anti-form, water.

Meile placed 111 Buddhas molded of plaster or soap and created a spectacular effect and a meditative atmosphere. More photos of 111 Buddhas on our Facebook.

The Audio installation made use of the amazing acoustics of the hollow, dark bunkers… for prayers and songs to commemorate the dead, particularly children lost during the war.

Born 1969 in Lithuania and studied at Klaipeda University and at College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Aalborg, Denmark. In 93 she authored book of poems “In The Provinces Of The Universe”. Since 96 she has exhibited paintings, silk paintings, graphic works and installations in Lithuania, Norway and Denmark, among other places at Vendsyssel Art Museum, KS11 and Mygdalhus. Recently, the film installation The Thinking Reed in collaboration with Inge Tranter was exhibited at Nordkraft, and paintings were exhibited at Amtsgården. Lives in Aalborg, Denmark.

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Meile Sposmanyte

Photo by Inge Tranter