Marie Vibe (DK) – Drama

marie-vibe2Marie Vibe 1974.
Master of Art: Theatrical Science, Actor, play writer, dramaturgist and director.
Artistic responsible 2010-13 for The Stage of Shadows: “Skyggescenen” – a theatre run by the North Denmark region’s Psychiatric Information center:

Art is created in magic moments, reaching infinitely beyond time, place and identity.
From ourselves. Inside us. For us.
And right there titles, hollow settings, egos, income, facades and fuss loose their foul importance. The boundaries between “You” “I” and “All Matters” dissolve, deconstruct – and vanish.

These moments to me, are Art: the divine awareness of Creation, -while Creating. Sometimes I’m a grain of sand in that.
And I feel then immensely, crazy Joy and gratitude towards this lunatic gift.
Master of Art my papers claim. Well.
I could call myself Artist? Fool? Playmaker? Analytically obsessed and possessed of synergetic science? Or pass under the name Anxiety, Anorexia de Trix, Artist of Starvation? How about childish blond pt? Politically engaged? Maybe all these words only define someone else? Honestly: It’s not that important.
All I know is this: I’m a human.