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A place in the world is a geography we define for ourselves.

To be safe is to have an inner shelter as well as an outside one.

Inner: standing in vigil and dream all the same. A private bunker.

Our minds: bunkers for excessively stormy conditions.

Outside shelters: bunkers or any other structure shell-shocked in advance.

Bunkers: havens for the anxious.

For A

trip taken with a backpack filled with memories.

portable kit for preservation: amber, slom jars, an ice box. A camera.

portable kit for safe return: some flour, a rope, a few knitting balls. A camera.


Time, spent chasing shadows and waiting for the next wind gust.

Silence that may be heard. Or sounds unheard.

Images kept in some fortress, warehouse, cafe, roller rink, archive, laboratory, sanctuary, hospital, library, hotel, studio, theatre, cinema, workshop, conservatory, inn, spaceship, swimming pool, asylum, vault. In all that a bunker is.

When a bunker dreams.

Marcelo Felix won awards for his film Eden’s Ark (A Arca Do Éden) including ‘Best film about art’ at Festival Temps d’Images (Portugal, 2011) and ‘Best Film’ at Festival Move Cine Arte (Brazil, 2012). Eden’s Ark was shown in Cinemateket in Copenhagen in August 2013 as part of Copenhagen Art week. Watch Eden’s Ark trailer or read more about the film. Follow the film on Facebook:A Arco Do Éden and Eden’s Ark. New project: Flor e Eclipse.

Marcelo Felix is a filmmaker, author, writer and translator working from Lisbon.



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