Lars Ditlev Johansen (DK), Drama


A Walk in the Dark playing in the Hirtshals bunkers, BunkerLove 2013. Photo by Jakob Stig Nielsen – see more

Playwright, actor and director Lars Ditlev Johansen was BunkerLove’s speaker in 2012 and lead the drama A Walk in the Dark for BunkerLove 2013. Lars is also a board member in BunkerLove, and will be giving a speech for Free BunkerLove Festival 2014, July 13 in the Furreby bunkers by Løkken.

A Walk in the Dark, created for BunkerLove Festivals 2013
The play is based on Spoon River anthology (1916) by American Edgar Lee Masters (1868-1950) and consists of poems or soul essences that remain as earthly life ends. Lars says:

‘To face one’s own demons, as well as the demons of our joint history is the theme of the project. The play will evolve around some classical destinies or characters of war. We will meet the Soldier, the Widow, the Saboteur, the Hangman, the Field mattress, the Priest, the Opportunist, the Jew and others whose lives in some way got heavily affected by the condition of war. All the characters are dead.’

A Walk in the Dark took place in and around the dark chambers of very different bunkers at four different locations in North Denmark in 2013. It played in the evenings at the 3 festivals and further in Hirtshals and Vendsyssel Plantation.

Born in Aalborg in 1964 and graduated from the Danish Theatre School in 1997. Lars has worked at the Theatres of Aalborg, Odense and Aarhus, and for smaller theatres such as EntréScenen, TeaterFiluren, Jomfru Ane Teater and Det Hem’lige Teater. He has been working as an actor and theatre director since 1987, and among many other plays, he has instructed the historical Viking chronicles at major Viking burial site Lindholm Hills numerous times. In 2011 he made his debut as a playwright of the well-received piece På sporet (On track) which played at Nordkraft. Lars also teaches drama at the brand new theatre line at Aalborg School of Culture at Nordkraft and at Limfjordsteatret.

People with skills in drama production and interested in exploring the demons of our joint history in a dramatic context as well as actors who can act in Danish, German, English or French are continuously needed. Lars is also looking for people whose lives have been somehow affected by War. If you are interested in participation, then please contact

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Lars as a speaker and helper at BunkerLove’s pilot project in Furreby in 2012. Photos by Janne Fonda and Nanna Thorhauge

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