Inge Tranter (DK/ ZA), Multimedia


Artist Inge Tranter inside the flower bunker, A Cottage for Yemanja, which she created for Alert BunkerLove Festival 2013 in Hirtshals. Portrayed by Chris Brock Photography

For the Nature Meeting 2017 Inge Tranter will recreate her Flower Bunker, only this time assisted by local school children.

Inge’s overall bunker theme – which is a red line through her groundbreaking works created for BunkerLove since the beginning in 2012 – is the permanent nature of impermanence, the fragility of power. The bunkers represent with their brutal architecture, an attempt by mankind to control both other human beings as well as nature.

“I will illustrate the beautiful, deceptively gentle force of nature by planting the entire interior of one of the bunkers with plants from the nature surrounding the barracks. A dialogue between nature and mankind, power and impotence, the past and present with eternity”.

Inge Tranter with boots made for walking. Portrayed by Chris Brock

Inge Tranter with boots made for walking, 2014. Portrayed by Chris Brock

For the BunkerLove Festival series 2014 Inge Tranter created ‘Walk the Mile‘ – in collaboration with the public.

A Cottage for Yemanja was the title of a wonderful flower bunker which was created by Inge Tranter in the Hirtshals bunkers in 2013. She transformed a huge fire control bunker into a beautiful and fertile garden and place for reflection, by planting it entirely with flowers and plants, and with a new stone floor to complete the experience. It was presented in collaboration with Sandro Masai (DK/ BR) participating with the ceremony Flowers for Yemanja with Semente do Samba, and with Michael Richardt who also contributed an individual performance of Rule Pink in collaboration with his mother ‘Stella’.

Inge Tranter participated in BunkerLove’s 2012 pilot project with film installation Slow-Wave Sleep in collaboration with Meile Sposmanyte, and was part of BunkerLove’s board for as long as it existed until 2016. She coordinated Alert BunkerLove Festival 2013 which opened the BunkerLove 2013 Festival series with unprecedented Splendor.

Born 1965 in Johannesburg, South Africa. MA in Fine Arts from Royal College of Art, London and BA Fine Art from University of Cape Town. Since 94 she has exhibited her graphics, photo- and video art, sculptures and light installations in South Africa and throughout Europe. Her recent works cycle around reuse. Participatory cultural exchange The Wundersill Project is an example of her work. Among other projects are The Thinking Reedin collaboration with Meile Sposmanyte which was exhibited at Nordkraft, and The Glass Dress in collaboration with Michael Petersen. Inge resides in Tversted, North Denmark.

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Inge Tranter in action at BunkerLove 2012