Alert BunkerLove 2013 – Hirtshals, July 7

Photos by Chris Brock. See his artists portraits from the festival below.


BunkerLove 2013 kicked off in the Hirtshals bunkers with Alert BunkerLove and examines themes of occupation, collaboration and transformation along the Atlantic Wall.

  • Cottage for Yemanja, a bunker filled with flowers for an Afro-Brazilian seafaring goddess. By Inge Tranter (ZA/ DK) & Sandro Masai (BR/ DK) & Michael Richardt Petersen (DK)
  • The Yemanja procession and performance starts at the flower bunker and moves down to the beach in a beautiful ceremony in which flowers and other offerings are floated out onto the sea for the Afro-Brazilian Goddess. By Sandro Masai and Semente do Samba
  • Capoeira at the lighthouse (Sandro Masai and Capoeria in Aalborg)
  • 111 Buddhas – a sculptural and audio installation on the beach and in the bunkers which examines themes of occupation in a historical and contemporary context. By Meile Sposmanyte (LT/ DK)
  • Wind Powered Barrel Organ Tulle Ruth (NO) presents a wind-powered barrel organ and leave it to Nature to generate music.
  • Liden Karen a video installation examining themes of power and resistance by Uma & Inge Tranter
  • Rule Pink Michael Richardt Petersen & ‘Stella’ in a performance on the beach in Hirtshals
  • Search for Siegfried – a treasure hunt for children using the so-called “Siegfried” bunkers.
  • A Walk in the Dark an adaptation of Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters for bunker landscapes directed by Lars Ditlev Johansen (DK)
  • Giant Hamburger is the wild card in Hirtshals festival. With fortunes and exhibition of children’s drawings transformed by artists.

The festival extended to an

  • Exhibition in ‘madpakkerummet’ – Vendsyssel Historical Museum provided the “why” and “how” of the building of the bunkers and children and artists collaborate to create the “why not?” An exciting exhibition of the power of the imagination and a fresh take on “collaboration”. A prize draw will take place for the children who have participated with ideas and sketches for the competition.

Inge Tranter’s ‘flower bunker’, a Cottage for Yemanja was exhibited in the Hirtshals Bunker Museum until the end of august. Other parts of the exhibition including 111 Buddhas and Liden Karen were exhibited throughout the festival series. For the festival, there was a warm-up Pecha Kucha night at the North Sea Oceanarium on July 6.  Directions to the Hirtshals bunkers.

Nicole Östman has created a John Lennon Mariachi bunker using Patrik Hansen’s drawing – one of many bunker layouts from children for Alert BunkerLove 2013