Gregers Kirkegaard (DK), Soundscape


Sarah Schramm saluting the Sea for Chilled BunkerLove Festival 2013 in Grønhøj and with one of the giant shells which are part of Gregers Kirkegaard’s ‘In a Silent Wave’. Photo by Thomas Andersen

Multimedia artist, composer and guitarist Gregers Kirkegaard with musicians Sarah Schramm playing trumpet and Andreas Bennetzen playing bass and loops contributed an ambient audiovisual soundscape installation titled In a Silent Wave for Chilled BunkerLove Festival 2013 in Grønhøj. The piece consists of a mixed media sound sculpture and installation, and a tranquille sea concert. For BunkerLove Festival 2014, Gregers will lead a Peace Caravan headed for the Netherlands and France! To get involved please contact

Gregers also contributed 2 out of 3 songs for our BunkerLove festival 2013 video.

Ambience samples:

One note Haiku poem Duo
Glass pentatone in Bb [interactive random edit] Vandet [gongstrings edit] EXPO 2013 [with Sarah Schramm – trumpet]

Gregers Kirkegaard is a multimedia artist, photographer, musician and composer, vj and dj, who also worked as a project maker on exhibitions and electronic art events in Denmark, Scandinavia and internationally. Born in Denmark 1963 and based in Copenhagen. In 1996 he formed the ambient / electronic audiovisual project Sea of Tranquility which became a pioneer and influencer of audiovisual venue environments with sound zones, multiscreen slideshows, sculptures and video projection. Among his projects are a video installation at the new library in Alexandria, Egypt in 2003 and ‘Nora interactive sound and light design’, at the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2006. In a Silent Wave


Andreas Bennetzen (double bass & loops) is classically trained and chooses his own ways experimenting with electronics and virtuoso bass loops. He has made numerous ‘site specific’ perfomances, including submarine ballet with Half Machine, Illutron and crane ballet in Nakskov 26 feet above the ground – he does performance residencies around the world. With Gregers Kirkegaard he in 2006 released a cd for a ’Glass Alchemy’ sculpture installation with interactive sound and video in collaboration with Holmegaard Royal Glasswork and they played for COP15 artexpo with avantgarde music and poetry in 2009. Together they have dj’ed and played in concerts in an array of events from Half Machine to EXPO for electronic SUFI experiments and for art receptions. See

Sarah Schramm (Trumpet) is educated at the Danish Rhythmic Music Conservatory in 1998 and since then played a multitude of concerts stretching from world music contexts to funk and also playing with theatres, most recently touring with the musical Cabaret. Sarah Schramm and Gregers Kirkegaard started working together in 1994, and today they form a couple and have a duo album ready for release in autumn 2013.

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