Giant Hamburger (US) – Children’s bunker

Photoshop challenge, by Neil Grunshaw (left) and Alex Amelines (right), via Inge Tranter

Nick Lehrman, aka Giant Hamburger, writes of the children’s bunker – also referred to by the people at BunkerLove as the “burger bunker” because it looks so much like a hamburger:

“I want to live in the Hamburger Bunker.
People could just push food through the slot until I grew so large I could not escape.
Then the children could come visit me.”

An actual Giant Hamburger authority, Nick Lerman works as a Systems Administrator in Austin Texas, because, he says, “Nobody will pay me to be a Giant Hamburger”. Nick will be providing fortunes for the fortune cookies for the children’s treasure hunt in the Siegfried bunkers.

Some fortunes areominous:
You are already married… to the sea.
Others prepare children for the battles ahead
Swing your axe until it’s too heavy to lift.
Still others are downright edifying
Your brain is a library worth visiting.

For more Giant Hamburger wit and wisdom, visit Planet Hamburger.

The header image stems from a Photoshop challenge, March 13, made by Neil Grunshaw (left) and Alex Amelines (right). The “burger”, or “spitzkommando” bunker, forms the basis for the children’s challenge competition, in which children collaborate with artists to transform the bunker by means of drawings and Adobe Photoshop. The template of the original photo is here and contributions from children are welcome. The thumbnail image on the artists page leading to this page is created by Nicole östman based on a drawing by Patrik Hansen.

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