BunkerLove Festivals 2014

BunkerLove Festival 2014 was proudly presented with the support of KulturKANten and Hjørring municipality:

And additionally in Copenhagen in the Dome of Visions, August 16-18 and at the Culture Meeting on the island of Mors, August 21-23.

BunkerLove 2014 flyer (PDF)

Videos from the festivals are available on Vimeo.

BunkerLove Festivals 2014 took place in Hirtshals and Furreby in North Denmark:

  • Hirtshals bunkers on Sunday July 6 from 15-22 – Rainbow BunkerLove Festival
  • Furreby bunkers near Løkken on Sunday July 13 from 15-22 – Free BunkerLove Festival

Artist Erik Peitersen made gilded bunker Gold Tooth for BunkerLove’s pilot project in 2012 and an equally spectacular Floating bunker for People’s BunkerLove 2013. In 2014 he and the Floating bunker will be back to perform in Furreby/ Løkken for the Free BunkerLove Festival on July 13. Portrayed  in Løkken/ Furreby 2013, by Chris Brock

BunkerLove 2014 was generously supported by KulturKANten and Hjørring municipality and there are many people to thank.