BunkerLove Festival 2016

BunkerLove Festival 2016 is CANCELLED, see background info

The festival was scheduled to be held in Furreby on July 15-16 and supported by:


Hjørring kommune
It will be either Friday or Saturday, and we expect that Friday and the week up until the festival there will be working artists on the beach and full-blown festival come Saturday.

The board works to define and communicate the framework for participation. A discussion about the format, finances and the roles of artists, volunteers and visitors was on the agenda for the general assembly on March 17 at 17-19.

The Info meeting scheduled for March 30 from 19-21 was unfortunately CANCELLED and the Association will be closed down as a legal entity. It will continue as an art project, and so we have returned with a questionnaire in an effort to find common grounds for the continued work.