BunkerLove Festivals

BunkerLove organised some proper BunkerLove Festivals in the years 2012-2014. In the following years, our projects have been more scattered and often driven by project teams in collaboration with established venues and organisers.

With the support of KulturKANten and Hjørring municipality we invite you to attend:

We further invite you to attend 3 exhibitions in Denmark and work to move our project outside of Denmark with a Peace Caravan in 2015.
We make use of the experiences and relations which have developed through our festival and association activity in 2012 and 2013. We work with artists who have already transformed their first bunkers, and with artists still to be introduced.

The BunkerLove Peace Caravan will most likely be headed towards the Netherlands and Normandy, we are open to input for its content and participators, as well as in where along the Atlantic Wall to first start looking for BunkerLove. Please write mikolew@gmail.com.

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Michael Richardt Petersen inside the flower bunker A Cottage for Yemanja. Portrayed by Chris Brock

Michael Richardt Petersen inside the flower bunker by Inge Tranter titled A Cottage for Yemanja at Alert BunkerLove 2013 in Hirtshals. Portrayed by Chris Brock and on the poster for the BunkerLove 2013 photo exhibition: Something is rotten in the state of Denmark, currently touring from Nordkraft in Aalborg to Jammerbugt town hall and Hjørring Library onto Om:Form culture ferry in Aalborg and Museum Center Hanstholm.

BunkerLove in 2013 moved on the coast of Northern Denmark on the first three Sundays of July. The festivals involved a huge variety of art forms and artists, and the line-up and transformations exceeded our wildest expectations. See photos, artists portraits and programs from each festival:

  • ALERT BunkerLove 2013 in Hirtshals (Sunday 7 July) which examines themes of occupation, collaboration and transformation along the Atlantic Wall.
  • CHILLED BunkerLove 2013 in Grønhøj (Sunday 14 July) which smothered a Regelbau 668 with machine gun position in art, music, drama, draft beer and love.
  • PEOPLE’S BunkerLove 2013 in Furreby (Sunday 21 July), which aimed to celebrate and question human fortitude through alarming works of art.

A Walk in the DarkSpoon River anthology for bunker landscapes – played at all festivals and on additional late evenings in the Hirtshals bunkers and Løkken Plantation.

THANK YOU! The festivals in 2013 came to life with the financial support of Region North Denmark and through numerous partnerships, exchanges and through the good will and excellent contributions from the involved artists, members, volunteers, friends and family.

BunkerLove short films ‘Ein Stern‘ and ‘A Mare‘ by Marcelo Felix are available along with various documentation of activity on our vimeo page, and we have a touring exhibition of Chris Brock’s artists portraits from BunkerLove 2013, which has moved from Nordkraft in Aalborg to Jammerbugt town hall and Hjørring library, and will be part of exhibitions for Culture ferry Om:form during Aalborg Regatta, Museum Center Hanstholm, and in Copenhagen.

Artist Erik Peitersen with his Floating bunker. Photo: Chris Brock

Artist Erik Peitersen made gilded bunker Gold Tooth for BunkerLove’s pilot project in 2012 and an equally spectacular Floating bunker for People’s BunkerLove 2013. Portrayed by Chris Brock

Inge Tranter contributed to BunkerLove’s pilot project with the film installation Slow-Wave Sleep in partnership with Meile Sposmanyte. From then she became coordinator for Alert BunkerLove in Hirtshals and a board member. The flower bunker was her own vision for the bunkers and she developed the work into A Cottage for Yemanja in collaboration with Michael Richardt Petersen and Sandro Masai. It was presented with a cleansing ceremony and Semente do Samba dance procession with Flowers for Yemanja. Portrayed by Chris Brock

Meile Sposmanyte placing 1 of 111 Buddhas on the beach in Hirtshals for Alert BunkerLove 2013. The Buddhas were linked to the sound of chanting monks from the belly of a nearby bunker. Meile also participated in BunkerLove’s pilot project with Slow-Wave Sleep made in collaboration with Inge Tranter. Photo: Chris Brock

We believeand we have an artistic project. Feedback is welcome.

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